Gates Mcfadden Plastic Surgery Details- Her Husband John Cleveland Talbot

Actress Gates McFadden still maintains a stunning appearance at the age of 73, leaving her audience to wonder if the actress has undergone facial plastic surgery to maintain this unfading beauty.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series and the subsequent movies made Gates famous for her portrayal of Dr. Beverly Crusher.

While we’re about it, let’s find out more information on the Star Trek actress’s husband, her net worth, and the specifics behind the rumors of plastic surgery.

Did Gates Mcfadden Have Plastic Surgery On Her Face?

There have been speculations that actress Gates McFadden underwent facial plastic surgery, but the actor has been silent about the surgeries, and the majority of specialists and fans believe the rumors to be untrue.

The Star Trek actress has long been admired for her stunning facial features and immaculate skin. At 73 years old, she still maintains these qualities, and her features appear to have matured like excellent wine.

In her latest appearance promoting Star Trek Picard’s new season, she looks just as gorgeous, which may have confused fans, making them think that the actress took the help of cosmetic surgeries to stay forever beautiful.

However, you can see some fine lines along her face, although they are barely noticeable. Also, it could be the makeup and expensive skincare regimen that the actors go through that has helped them maintain their youthful look.

In conclusion, it is improbable that Gates McFadden went under the knife and got plastic surgery on her face since her natural facial features are still clearly visible from her younger days.

Gates McFadden’s Husband

Gates McFadden is married to her husband, John Cleveland Talbot, and the couple has a son named James. The actor was pregnant with her son during the fourth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Her husband, John, has been working as a partner at the MRI Education company for over 23 years. Talbot graduated from Anglia Ruskin University with a Masters’s degree in Science and a Doctorate in Education.

In the past, John worked as Education and Multimedia Manager at Health South and is an author with more than 40 books written by his name in his lifetime.

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