What Illness Did Di Kershaw Die From? Googlebox Australia Star Passed Away

Di Kershaw, the adored spouse of Australian Gogglebox star Mick Kershaw, died at the age of 76 from cancer.

Kershaw is a well-known art trader and a Gogglebox actor from Australia. She was a smart woman and one of the country’s foremost experts in indigenous art.

Mick Kershaw: Who Is He? Kershaw, Di Husband

Di Kershaw, an Australian Gogglebox, is married to Mick. When Di was 17, the couple initially met in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Di and Mick had been married for over 50 years.

Di persuaded her husband to renounce his profession in the preceding days so they may pursue their artistic dreams. Prior to that, Mike worked as an advertising executive before deciding to follow her wife’s career path.

However, Mick lost his life partner. A renowned cast member from Goodlebox Australia passed away after suffering from illness. According to Entertainment journalist Peter Ford, Di died at age 76. He broadcasted the news on 3AW radio on Monday morning. 

It has got reported that Di was sick for a couple of months. On social media, people sent condolences to Mick and the family of the late star Di. 

One of the fans has tweeted,’For Aussie gogglebox fans… Gogglebox Australia star Di Kershaw dies aged 76. Hugs to her family, especially Mick. I will miss her on the show. The art dealer has a quirky sense of humor I will miss most. A sad loss.’

Di Kershaw Illness In Detail As The Gogglebox Australia Star Passed Away

According to the daily mail, Kershaw died of cancer. She kept her served illness out of public attention. Several months ago, a doctor found the star had a tumor in her throat. While dealing with her health condition, she didn’t want to make her fans concerned about her. 

On Monday, the death of the Australia star was confirmed by a Foxtel spokesperson. With her incredible arts, Kershaw has impacted Gogglebox Australia for the past eight years. It was a privilege to have her luminescent character on the stage. 

Studio 10 shared the news and pinned,’ We are unbelievably saddened to hear of the passing of Di Kershaw. From everyone at Network 10, we extend our condolences and love to Mick and the rest of the family. Thank you for letting us share the warmth, humor, and heart of your wife, mother, and grandmother.’

The network added, ‘Di would always sign off correspondence with ‘Pleasure Treasure,’ but the pleasure was all ours, and we will treasure it forever.’

What Happened To Australian Gogglebox Star Di Kershaw?

Kershaw passed away at age 76 after her illness. Her family and followers are heartbroken by her situation. Her fans agree that Gogglebox will never be the same without the Australian Satr Di. She left two children, Victoria and Alex.

Her followers will miss the television star Di. She was a former model who turned her profession into devotion as an art dealer with her life partner Mick. Also, the model appeared in the first season of Channel 10-Foxtelshow with her partner Mick. 

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